FarmCloud FarmConnector Compatibility

FarmCloud is available today for Climate and Feeding Controllers from a wide range of Manufacturers, and more to come.

  • Big Dutchman
  • Chore-Time
  • Copilot
  • Exafan
  • Fancom
  • Inobram
  • Plasson
  • Rotem
  • Skov

FarmConnector does not interfere with any of the electronics of the controllers to which it connects, making only use of the communication port provided by the respective manufacturer.


What is FarmCloud

FarmCloud technology allows plug&play integration with Climate and Feeding Controllers from different Manufacturers


More ways to improve your Farm productivity

FarmCloud delivers a Single Cloud Platform with full access to compatible Climate and Feeding Controllers from different Manufacturers, allowing for constant production benchmarking.


Access your Farms in Real-time, and manage simultaneously all information from all Third Party Room Controllers connected to FarmCloud


Remote equipments control, individually or in a group, using all functions available locally in Climate and Feeding Controllers.


With FarmCloud Reports Wizard all historical data can be compared and analyzed to help you improve your Business.


FarmCloud user friendly Notifications Panel allows for complete management of Alarms. Mail, SMS and Voice alarms available.


Functions and Procedures that allow data integration with various Softwares (Like Production Management Software and Others).


Information is delivered to management through an extremely easy and powerful application, available on computer, tablet or smartphone.


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About Us

Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Creatives and Proud to be FarmCloud

FarmCloud Team aggregates complementary livestock business solutions skills. We are proud to deliver the most innovate and disruptive solution for livestock production.

About FarmCloud

“InoBram as a manufacturer and supplier of reference in the Brazilian poultry and pork market decided to move forward with the partnership with FarmCloud for the clear opportunity for productivity improvement that customers obtain by having access to an integrated real-time remote monitoring and control solution of all its livestock facilities.”

“After seeing the FarmCloud solution in operation we seriously consider its use in all our farms. We can transform local data from different manufacturers in central equalized information with online access and with no upfront investment.”

“We find in FarmCloud the ideal partner for the development of an intelligent monitoring system able to ensure the highest quality and safety in the transport of our insemination doses.”

“The FarmCloud solution is a breakthrough in all fields, because it brings pigs and poultry intensive productions to the industry 4.0 standard, with a cheap SaaS suit with no upfront investment.”