About Us

With the exponencial grow of World population the pressure for protein production is huge and with limited resources, the effort must be done in the optimization of the production processes.

We are seeing global concentration in all business markets with the disappearance of small producers/manufacturers and the reinforcement of big groups by merges and acquisitions.

In the livestock market, big producers tend to have scattered farms, with increasing difficulties to gather real time information and to manage different locations with standardized processes and decisions.

At FarmCloud, we intend to be part of the solution for this new demand, with all the key benefits for market main players, as are livestock farmers, equipment manufacturers and data analysts.

The FarmCloud Solution enables the retrofit of existing equipment, with emphasis on climate and feed computers, making all the information available in a central database and controlled from a cloud platform in real time.

The development of this solution was possible joining the valences of the founders and the experience they have in their respective area of expertise.

Miguel Matos

Entrepreneur with previous investments in Technology Companies.
Developing solutions for optimization of livestock production since 2014.

Miguel Carvalho

Founder of various tech companies. Technology developer for IoT and Industry 4.0.
Started to focus on Precision Livestock Production IoT Solutions in 2012.

Samuel Silva

Entrepreneur and Master in Automation Engineering.
Started developing solutions for field devices abstraction in 2001, and actively collaborates with Tech companies around the world.

Rita Franco

Experienced Production Manager. Started focusing in the AgTech industry in 2014.
Main interest is the use of technology to improve livestock production.

Luis Martins

Vasco Caetano

Vando Clemente

João Clemente