FarmCloud / Inobram Automações Partnership

The presence of FarmCloud in the Rural Show at the Inobram Automações stand, marked the beginning of a partnership that was established with the signing of the distribution agreement for the Brazilian market between the two manufacturers.

InoBram is the first manufacturer to benefit from FarmCloud’s disruptive technology with real-time bidirectional connectivity from all its controllers to a single Cloud platform. By enabling the retrofitting of all SMAAI models installed since its inception in 2004, more than 30.000 units, InoBram has become the only manufacturer worldwide, to offer its customers a true solution for collecting information in real time, in the cloud and without any limitations, whether they are of controller model, Firmware or even internet availability on farms.

FarmCloud has developed communication interfaces with various controller models from diferent manufacturers, including BigDutChman, Fancom and Exafan. The differential made possible by the close partnership between FarmCloud and InoBram, is that in addition to performing real-time monitoring of the readings and set points of the controllers, we also enable Multipoint Control from our Cloud platform. This makes it possible for the farmer, the rural entrepreneur, cooperatives and integrations to have information on Real time, which help in making decisions more quickly.

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