Fancom first commercial installation

FarmCloud installed the 1st FarmConnector receiving information from the 3 Fancom controllers normally used in poultry production, responding to what was a need and a market request.

FarmConnector thus aggregates all information by pavilion, providing real time data in the FarmCloud platform, becoming available the climate, feeding and weighing data of the birds, from any device with internet access and from anywhere in the world.

With “Plug & Play” installation, fixing the FarmConnector to the wall and connecting one power cord and one communication cable, data is transmitted immediately via GPRS/3G (either by Ethernet cable, if available on the client site) to the FarmCloud platform, without any installation or configuration problems and without any additional equipment installed on the farm.

The “Mafalda Sampaio” farm, through its long-time partner InoxNorma, continues is commitment to invest in the best available solutions and technologies in pursuit of the ultimate goal for better production and optimization of resources at their disposal.

We believe that this is a turning point for a whole market, and that the first steps are being taken in Portugal, Brazil and Spain.

Our thanks to all who have believed and continue to believe in us.