FarmCloud at the Expresso BPI Golf Cup

For the second consecutive year FarmCloud participated in the biggest amateur Golf event in Portugal, the Expresso BPI Golf Cup, which this year celebrates its 20 years of existence.
The team made up of 4 members, grouped two by two, competed in the Stableford event in the “Texas Scramble” variant on June 27 in the Lisbon qualification, held at the Belas Clube de Campo.
Unfortunately, FarmCloud’s team wasn’t able to reach the semi-finals as did in the last edition, the 2016 qualification round.
Miguel Matos, FarmCloud team captain, pointed out that more than winning or achieving the qualification for the finals of the competition, the most interesting of this participation includes reviewing old acquaintances and friends, and the Expresso BPI Golf Cup is one of the better organized golf events in Portugal.
Next year and once again FarmCloud will be present at this tournament, possibly with more than one team and with the participation of international players.