Brandelero Farms Installation

InoBram Automações has recently installed 4 more FarmConnectors on 4 farms of its Brandelero customer, which is part of the Agrogen Vibra group.

The solution based on SMAAI 4 and 5 controllers allows to obtain all climatic data, control the ventilation, heating and humidity equipment, as well as the feed and water intake, and daily weight / growth data of the animals.

The availability of this information in real time on the FarmCloud platform, as well as daily reports of expected vs. actual weight gain, made available automatically in our client’s email, allow a very close monitoring of the development of the flock and timely actions whenever they are detected deviations in expected growth, mainly because of the ease of quickly being able to understand which variables are having an impact on the production results.

We are sure that the solution is unique and we have one more farmer satisfied with the decision taken to join the FarmCloud platform and thus have a more restful life with access to all the relevant information of his farm though the mobile phone, tablet or pc and always in real time.