Rotem and Plasson AC2000 integration

FarmCloud, following its development strategy, has been integrating climate, weight and feed computers according to the needs of the projects presented by its partners or end customers.

The latest computer to be available to the platform through our FarmConnector was the AC-2000 from Rotem and Plasson. This model, because of its price and flexibility of use, has conquered important markets as it is the case of some countries in South America.

FarmCloud is a unique platform, either because it is the only one to centralize the information of all the farms in real time, either because it is agnostic and thus independent of any manufacturer.

Farmcloud already offers integration for the following manufacturers and models:

  • BigDutchman: MC135;
  • Copilot: WebiSense;
  • Exafan: DNA, DNB, DNP, DNS and DNT;
  • Fancom: F17, F18, F37, F38, F40, F42, F47 and Lumina controllers;
  • Inobram Automações: SMAAI 3, SMAAI 4 and SMAAI 5;
  • Rotem and Plasson: AC-2000;

More on the way… Next one will be Chore-Tronics 2!