Cloudscape Brazil

FarmCloud’s CEO, Miguel Matos, has been invited by the organizers of Cloudscape Brazil to take part in session 4 of the event, “Triggering new digital markets: Environmental Monitoring, eHealth, Smart industry and manufacturing, business intelligence and education with science and research “that was held in Natal, Brazil, on the 25th July.

EUBrasilCloudFORUM identified five future scenarios that will greatly benefit from and develop through cloud computing and related technologies: 5G, Fog Computing, IoT, Big Data, amongst others. This specific panel discussed how these technologies will innovate and support market growth in the relevant scenarios.

Miguel Matos, had the opportunity to elaborate how IoT has a positive impact in a business sector, previously not connected at all with ICT: animal husbandry. With the increased need to feed an extremely high number of people (9.1 Million by 2050), it is becoming ever more important to make livestock efficient and sustainable. Thanks to the use of distinct but complimentary technologies (e.g. IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and AI), it has been able to digitize the market and get value from data. Thanks to all the data collected from ICT, Smart livestock farming is already a reality aiming at improving productivity and increasing profitability by supporting data analysis through feed, weight, climate, waste, and animal behavior monitoring. This was a great example of the potential changes and developments that the technology can bring to “real” life.

Cloudscape Brazil 2018 not only aims to promote business partnerships between EU-BR SMEs and Researchers, but also discuss how EU and Brazil will work together to exploit a joint-digital market and be an active player in worldwide landscape.


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