Farmcloud en la lista de las 7 startups más prometedoras de Portugal para 2017

FarmCloud entra en la lista de las 7 startups de Portugal a buscar en 2017, por, uno de los principales blogs de startups en Europa.

El artículo cree que es hora de ver algunas historias de gran éxito de la escena de startups portuguesa y que incluye FarmCloud:

«Is Portugal now focusing on launching startups instead of ships? I don’t think we have to wait a few hundred years to see some great success stories from the Portuguese startup scene. Here are a few picks of my own in this yearly exercise of startup magic. Sorry for those who deserved to maintain last year nomination, but, you know, opportunities and so on. And for those who deserved to be here but didn’t make it because of criteria and so forth. To all, keep pushing, we need you!»


«FarmCloud: Say you own a pig farm and you’re just wondering how to gather and manage production data, then FarmCloud comes to hand with FarmConnector. The equipment launched this year is a plug & play, real-time, data enabler device that integrates controllers from different manufacturers with a cloud based software, to be available in real time.»

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