What’s FarmCloud Solution?

The FarmCloud solution consists of hardware – FARMCONNECTOR, cloud platform – FARMCLOUD and data communication M2M worldwide – JASPER / VODAFONE.

What’s the FarmConnector Hardware?

FarmConnector is a Plug & Play device that is installed at the production houses, connected to the existing controllers, whose information you want to centralize in Real Time on the FarmCloud platform.

FarmConnector consists of a core that has the processing that allows off-line operation, a communication gateway with a SIM card that works with GPRS or 3G and 5 additional inputs and 6 additional outputs that can complement those provided by the controller to which it is connected. More specific information can be found in the product sheet.

What is the FarmCloud Platform?

The FarmCloud platform aggregates all information from all customers and their respective farms, managing communication with all FarmConnectors installed worldwide. The platform is composed by the “Control Center” where all the probes and equipment installed in the farms are identified and by the “Dashboard” where in addition to what our team offers as a standard configuration, the client can create his preferences of visualization, reports, alarms, among others.

Do I need to have Internet available on the Farm?

All FarmConnectors are data SIM enabled. In farms where the customer has already internet availability, communications can be made through the existing connection.

FarmCloud believes that as a matter of separation of responsibilities, it makes sense to use, whenever possible, communication via our M2M card, however this will always be a customer’s decision.


What is the price of the FarmCloud Solution?

The FarmCloud solution is available from 500 euros per year per house, with annual payment and for specific situations it may be monthly.

Is there an initial investment in the solution?

Yes, the FarmConnector has a price list of 250 Euros.

How many Controllers can 1 FarmConnector connect to?

The Idea that led to the development of FarmCloud was to create a Plug & Play solution that any customer could install by himself. Our initial option of being 1 FarmConnector per controller was to ensure the ease of installation and reduction of external problems to the solution, such as cable bus or problematic configuration.

However, and in response to the needs of our customers, we accept that in the case of poultry houses, the controllers of each Shed can be connected to a sole FarmConnector, if they are from the same manufacturer, congregating the climate, food and weighing controller, as an example.

In the case of pig farming and since each production room can have a reduced number of animals, we accept to connect up to 3 rooms and thus controllers, as long as they are in the same house or shed.

Connecting FarmConnector to existing controllers can cause problems?

The FarmConnector does not interfere with any of the electronic components of the controllers to which it connects, using only the communication port provided by the respective manufacturer.

The FarmConnector only connects to the Controllers communication port and translates the data into understandable cloud information. It’s like connecting a pen drive, where we add real-time M2M communication, data equalization, data conversion, historical data logging and a lot of fantastic features on top of that.

Does the FarmCloud platform only allow monitoring?

The integration between the controllers of the various manufacturers and our FarmConnector allows two-way communication, which means monitor and control. We choose, however, to provide full monitoring and we only provide control in two situations:

  • When there is a partnership agreement between our company and the manufacturer of the controller or,
  • when the client explicitly asks for this control option.
What parameters or set points can be controlled from the FarmCloud platform?

All parameters or set points that are used in the controller are available to be controlled remotely through the platform, such as the desired temperature or humidity, among others.

In case of a FarmConnector malfunction, what should you do?

You should contact the solution vendor and the solution provider will arrange to replace FarmConnector in the shortest possible time.

If the FarmConnector has a problem, does it impact the operation of the controller to which it is connected?

The possible failure of the FarmConnector will not have any impact on the functioning of the controller to which it is coupled, it will maintain exactly the same behavior as it had before choosing to evolve to the real-time information throw our FarmCloud platform.

What is the difficulty of installing 1 FarmConnector?

The FarmConnector is fixed to the wall by 4 screws and is connected through 2 cables, 220V power cable and 1 communications cable to the controller or controllers that you want to integrate into the FarmCloud solution.

Can the installation be carried out by the customer?

Without a doubt, each FarmConnector will be accompanied by an installation manual, and the connection cables will be also provided. If you prefer, the installation can be performed through any of our official partners.

What is the cost of installing via FarmCloud partner?

The cost of installation via FarmCloud partner is the responsibility of the company providing the service and ruled by its commercial policy.

What differentiates the FarmCloud solution from other market solutions?
  • Plug & Play – Without installation and configuration difficulties
  • Real Time Communication
  • We are not internet dependent – The FarmConnector can work from GPRS till optical fiber connection (We have a contract with Jasper worldwide for the data communication)
  • Bidirectional Communication – one to many
  • We have centralized database for our FarmCloud platform but decentralized processing in each of our FarmConnectors – they can also work offline
  • We are agnostic about the controllers – If they have any communication output we may integrate with our FarmConnector
  • We can connect controllers installed more than 15 years ago with recent models installed in new farms.
  • API available for integration with CRM or Production software.
  • No upfront investment – monthly fee per FarmConnector
How many users can I have?

The platform allows an unlimited number of users and management by different levels of permission, only viewing and/or editing as well as access to all or just some farms.

How many rooms can I have connected in real time?

Unlimited. They can be grouped in order to facilitate the management of the system.

How many reports can I create?

Unlimited. The reports can be built from the variables available in the Control Center and besides being immediately available in this area of the platform, the user can choose to create in the Dashboard or even that they are sent periodically via email to the defined users.

To whom does the data on the FarmCloud platform belong to?

The data is owned by the client.

What kind of data can I receive directly in my mail?

You can configure the FarmCloud platform to automatically send various types of data, such as alarms, reports or excel or CSV files.

Can I receive the data directly in my management software? (Integrations + External Dashboards)

FarmCloud provides FTP data files and a data integration API, this way the integration possibility that is most convenient for our customers is guaranteed.

What are the advantages for the each of the stakeholders?

A – Manufacturers

  • Plug and Play installation, more sales and a real software solution
  • Less unused software’s at the Farm level
  • Better after sales service and maintenance
  • Solution can be sold even where there is not internet available



B – Data Analysis Companies

  • Unique platform for all the client farms independently of the controller’s supplier
  • Real time communication
  • Less manual data introduction
  • API available for data integration


C – Producers

  • The solution was designed for producers, benefiting from real-time information and then being able to act in a timely manner, with significant process-level gains implemented in the company’s day-to-day management.