Improve your Farm productivity

FarmCloud delivers a Single Cloud Platform with full access to compatible Climate and Feeding Controllers from different Manufacturers. Innovative features deliver a complete range of tools to empower your business.


Real-time Measurement

Deep understanding and enhanced productivity with key metrics surveillance, instantly knowing and reacting to any normal or abnormal situation. FarmCloud empowers your business to always run at it’s full potential.

Historical Measurement

All Farms activity is recorded and accessible for querying and analyses. This allows to pinpoint optimization opportunities, benchmarking and take informed decisions supported by previous activity patterns.

Know your Costs

FarmCloud can provide detailed costs information for your Farm Energy, Gas, Water and Feed consumptions, including historical consumptions costs and trend projections based on recent consumptions.


Control your Controllers

FarmCloud enables real-time control for all your Climate and Feeding Controllers. All commands available locally, at your Farms, are available remotely to you through the web interface. Change Controllers parameters remotely, isolated or in groups, using the agnostic interface.

Extra Control Functions

Create specific Rules, for automatic actuation routines, combining criteria from information received from Controller and Sensors. Schedule light or other equipment operation using the built-in weekly schedule, managed with a convenient drag-and-drop interface. Multiple If CONDITION then ACTION Rules available

Control your Users

Know exactly who did what and when. Every action deployed by users through FarmCloud is registered and logged, for procedure validation. Implement superior validation for critical control decisions, and guarantee that certain actions are only done with double level authorization and authentication.


Detailed Information

Generate dynamic reports from any data generated from the Farms. Build complex reports including multiples equipments, different measurement units, series and time ranges with very granular control over the displayed data.

Dashboard Reports

Reports can be published in each Farm Dashboard, making that section of FarmCloud an excellent way to watch your Farms progress over time. FarmCloud allows you to have a global and easy view to configure multiple dashboards for each Farm and, for example, several reports in one or more dashboards for rapid and up to date information.

Email and FTP Reporting

With FarmCloud Report Tool you are able to automatically deliver Farm reports to specific users, or even choose external e-mail accounts to deliver complementary information for your Clients or Suppliers. FTP is also available to deliver Farms data in csv or xls format into external computers.


Abnormal Farming Events

Real-Time Notifications are built on top of FarmConnector events. FarmConnectors have the ability to analyze data locally and produce notifications according to specified parameters defined by users, for evaluation criteria.

Notification Recipients

Notifications can be targeted at different recipients depending on the reported event, keeping the relevant personnel always informed. Choose between internal users and external personnel to distribute notifications.

Voice, SMS, Email or Dashboard

The Alarm Wizard allows alarm setting for each equipment and their operating parameters, ensuring that all resources at the Farm are working regularly. Choose between different communication channels (Voice, SMS, Email or Dashboard) to get the notification to the right person at the right time.


Application Programming Interface

FarmCloud API is a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features and data from your Farms.

External Software Integration

With FarmCloud API integration with external software, like production management software, financial software and others is not only possible but also easy. Get your Farms data centralized into FarmCloud, and then decentralize it to all others applications where you need it.

API for Developers

Do you need specific development, like a Dashboard to be available in a TV located at your central Office? FarmCloud API allows for any software developer, internal or external, to build specific apps just for you.


Access from anywhere, anytime

FarmCloud is available in any smartphone, tablet or PC, using an internet connection. All information about your Farms is always up to date with centralized, equalized and validated data.

Web Interface

No software installation needed. Get instant access to centralized multi-user and multi-farms information, accessible from anywhere using just a web browser.

No IT and servers maintenance necessary

FarmCloud data center infra-structure supports all data, processes and communications. Just connect FarmCloud FarmConnector to you local Climate and Feeding Controlers, and take control over all your Farms without IT investment needed.